Discover the Venice Lagoon and the islands: a territory rich of arts, history, nature and authenticity of local culture and traditions.


Rainbow-coloured houses characterize this small and lively fishing village. The banks of the Burano canals are lined with fishing dories and the setting is picturesque indeed. Lace making and cuisine tradition as well as fishing are the essence of this amazing destination.


  • Burano Lace Museum visit
  • Wine tastings and cooking classes
  • Traditional cuisine in local trattorias
  • Fine dining in renowned restaurants
  • Rowing on Venetian vessels or kayaking in the surrounding lagoon

  • Rides on traditional boats
  • Fishing experiences
  • Photography
  • Local handicrafts shopping


Also called ‘the small Venice’ for its typical narrow streets known as ‘Calli’, its canals and 9 bridges, is situated on a small island at the southern entrance of the Lagoon. Chioggia is a colorful and fascinating town where you can absorb the atmosphere of a true seafaring town rich in history and artistic treasures.


  • Stroll in Chioggia city center stopping at the fish market
  • “Santa Maria Assunta” cathedral visit

  • Fishing experiences
  • Bicycle itineraries
  • Sports activities
  • Relax in the nearby beaches of Sottomarina
  • Traditional cuisine in local trattorias
  • Rides on traditional boats


Malamocco was the first and, for a long time, the only settlement on the Lido of Venice barrier island. It was the location of the original home of the Doge of Venice and it is located just south of the island’s centre.
Malamocco is also a perfect access point for the beaches facilities on the Venice Lido or to challenge yourself at the Venice Golf Club, rated as one of the ten best courses in Italy.
Every year at the end of August, beginning of September the Lido hosts the prestigious Venice International Film Festival.


  • Relax in the cabanas of the nearby beaches of the Lido of Venice
  • Water sports activities

  • Bicycle itineraries
  • 18 holes Golf playing at the “Circolo del Golf Venezia”

  • Screening and events during the Venice International Film Festival


Discover the Art of Glassmaking on the Island of Murano. When furnaces were banned from Venice as a fire precaution, the manufacture of exquisite glassware was transferred to Murano. You might stroll along the typical “fondamente”, dotted with numberless glass shops, and admire the unusually shaped “Santi Maria e Donato” church.


  • Murano Glass Museum visit
  • “Santi Maria e Donato” church visit

  • Glass making demonstration in factories

  • Traditional cuisine in local trattorias
  • Local handicrafts shopping

Pellestrina and San Piero in Volta

Small villages with colourful cottages, gardens in bloom, restaurants where you can taste the real traditional cuisine, sandy beaches, a tranquil seafront for lovely walks, fishermen and lacemakers: here time seems to have stopped. All this is Pellestrina island, a thin stretch of land, between the Adriatic sea and the lagoon, about 11 km long.


  • Sports activities

  • Relax in the nearby beaches
  • Bicycle itineraries
  • Pleasant walks
  • Traditional fish cuisine in local restaurants
  • Photography

San Francesco del Deserto

This ancient idyllic island is owned by the monastic order of the Franciscan Fathers, who have been taking great care of it, making it a peaceful, serene oasis. The ground is rich with vegetation, mainly cypresses and among them stands out the monastery.


  • Monastery visit by one of the Franciscan Friars
  • Wandering on the island devoted to Saint Francis
  • Meditation


The most ancient of the inhabited islands and the largest centre in the Venetian Lagoon before the birth of the Republic of Venice. This mystical island combines an intense spiritual nature with many important historical and artistic sights, such as the “Santa Maria Assunta” Byzantine Cathedral and its magnificent mosaics, the legendary Ponte del Diavolo (Devil’s Bridge) and Attila’s throne.


  • “Santa Maria Assunta” cathedral visit, admiring the great Universal Judgement mosaic

  • “Santa Fosca” church visit

  • Archeological Museum visit with photo stop at the Attila’s throne
  • Traditional cuisine in local restaurants


The long and fertile peninsula of Treporti is the shoreline between the Venice Lagoon and the Adriatic Sea. A territory born as an outpost for defending Venice, origins can be traced back to Roman times. Surrounded by the Adriatic Sea and the waters of the lagoon, the Treporti coast stretches for 15 km. It delights visitors with the variety of its landscape, the genuine hospitality of its inhabitants and its environment of great natural value. A long golden beach, dunes, pine forest, farms and the fascinating lagoon landscape with its canals, salt marshes, mud flats and fish farms. All this against a backdrop of the elegant profile of Venice, in all its charm.


  • Exploration of Caorle and its Lagoon, not missing a Casoni visit

  • Sports activities

  • Relax in the nearby beaches of Caorle
  • Bicycle itineraries in the unspoiled natural habitat of Lio Piccolo
  • Wine experiences in the nearby estates
  • Shopping at the Noventa di Piave Designer Outlet


Visiting Venice is an unforgettable experience.
It is a city like no others in the world: built on water, spread out on more than 100 little islands, no streets or cars, only canals, bridges and boats and an extraordinary artistic heritage.
In 1987 this extraordinary city and the many charming small islands of the Venice Lagoon were declared World Heritage by Unesco.


On foot / By boat

Venice offers a huge variety of attractions, sights, shops, art galleries and museums granting to the visitors a memorable stay.

By bus

  • Padua & the Brenta River
  • Vicenza
  • Verona and the nearby Valpolicella wine area
  • Asolo and Treviso
  • The Unesco Prosecco region